Time to mobilize!


Spreading out information about Happy Baby pilot project and knowledge on baby wearing benefits in Nkokonjeru requires a well-structured mobilization with the help of recommended community members. Meetings started with the hospital where doctors and nurses showed a great interest and where Happy Baby is now invited to present the baby carriers and baby wearing benefits posters on immunization days, when parents from both nearby and remote villages come with their babies.


With the recommendations from the town council, leaders of all 12 villages are invited to hear about Happy Baby and to get permission and support on reaching out to parents in their villages. These leaders are then connected with mobilizers in each village, who are assigned to move from house to house to identify the first Happy Baby Ambassadors – selected families to receive the first Happy Baby Carriers and baby wearing benefits education.


The first Happy Baby Ambassador, identified by old wise women in the community, is the Katongole family, consisting of a mother, a father and two daughters – parents having a variety of occupations including teaching, gardening, cleaning and learning hair dressing.

04-24-first ambassador2

Katongole family is¬†currently followed everyday to monitor the usage of the carrier with both of their kids –¬†at the age of 2 years and 1.5 months. Being a respected and good example family in the community, their photos are taken to be in posters and instruction guides of Happy Baby. As the first Happy Baby Ambassadors, Mr. and Mrs. Katongole use every opportunity to talk about the benefits of baby carrying, while the kids enjoy being bonded with their parents.