Tailor Trainings

Happy Baby Tailor Training is a four-days intensive program where four tailor students learn to make ergonomic carriers, practice how to instruct mothers and fathers to wear the Happy Baby Carrier, gain basic knowledge on the design aspects and user preferences, and finally participate in marketing the baby carrier and its benefits to become the entrepreneurs of Happy Baby. After the first training in May, one of the graduate tailors, Clare is full-time employed in the stitchery both to make carriers and to train the coming students. Fatuma works part-time in the stitchery to make carriers, participate in the Monday Market, and to present Happy Baby to new parents on immunization days in Nkokonjeru Hospital. The other two graduates, Olivia and Olivia prefer making baby carriers from their homes depending on the demand.


During the Baby Carrying Benefits Meetings (see previous blog post), each 12 village selected one of local tailors to be trained during June to take on Happy Baby in their own village. Following the training, each village tailor’s home/shop is given the certificate to operate as a Happy Baby Stitchery where everyone can come to try on, order, or buy a ready made Happy Baby Carrier.