Monday, August 28: VISIT TO CENTER MARKET:

Monday, August 28


After having the authorization from the office of culture and arts of Beni, we took our local HB team to the center market to meet women and men. So many people wanted to hear about Happy Baby!  They were so excited about the project, and each one was proposing their prices of the carriers.  

Tonny, one of the Happy Baby community educators, volunteers by talking to women at Beni Central Market – August 28th


Visit to the Beni Town Central Market:

Tailors filled with excitement, together with Congo project Leader Noe and the staff of Bethesda visited the Local Market by the road side to sensitize the community about our Happy Baby Carrier Made in Beni- DRC and get their views about it. It was all exciting talking to the people, giving out flyers and posters. We gave out about 50 flyers and 30 posters.

Visit to wing B of the Central market.

The team was intensively engaged explaining to the market vendors the benefits of Happy baby made in Beni, distribution of the translated flyers and posters, touching and trying out the carrier and it was all fun as you will see in the pictures and video.

Feedback from the people about the HBC:-

  1. Comfortable and safe. 
  2. Oh can use the same Kikwembe to make the Happy Baby Carrier!
  3. Can carry older babies
  4. Fathers too can carry
  5. Can buy it between $2-$15
  6. Use the plain color of fabric for inside and belts
  7. It will protect their Kikwembe because there will be a standard baby carrier.
  8. Where can they find and buy it from?