Happy Baby Launch:

At last, our final day came. Everyone was busy with final touches, tailors were finishing the second baby carriers, and Happy Baby Congo Project LeaderNoé organized all his team to set up and prepare for the launch, setting up the tents, the public address system, checking with all invited and having food ready for all the Launch attendees.

At 3 pm Happy Baby Congo was officially launched in Beni and about 120 people were present. Recognizing the importance of Happy Baby carriers for restoring families, the mayor of the city of Beni sent his administrator, Katasumbika, to lend support for our project! He appreciated our project’s efforts in introducing Happy Baby in his town, realizing that teaching tailors how to make them is a great opportunity towards improving lives of the people. He encouraged mothers and fathers to use the Happy Baby carrier now that it’s made at home and himself modeled with the carrier and a baby on his back.

Project Leader Noé thanked people for their positive response towards the project, and assured them continued collaboration to ensure that every family could own a Happy Baby Carrier. He thanked all for the support, and his team’s commitment. He introduced the different mechanisms that will be used to acquire a baby carrier and encouraged more people to join. Noé described the great emotional and physical need of babies born in traumatic situation in which families and communities live in here in Beni. These infants need a lot of attention and most importantly the loving and caring presence of both parents around them. Noé then introduced Happy Baby carriers as a means of secure attachment that may result in great emotional and physical well-being of babies and families.

Josephine, our Happy Baby Uganda Project Leader was excited to see all that she planned finally accomplished, and she shared about her Ugandan experience with Happy Baby. She thanked all the supporters who have supported the vision of bonding families, and encouraged mothers and fathers to carry their babies in order to reap the benefits. She advised the team to follow up on the users for feedback, to continue developing the project further in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and worldwide. She promised to give her support whenever called upon because this was just the beginning.

Dr. Baraka Madro, from the Nyankunde Hospital confirmed the benefits of the Happy Baby carrier and encouraged people to use it and promised to support the project. Baraka is one of the well- known medical doctors in the city. He talked about the medical importance of carriers. He also challenged bad beliefs mothers have created about carriers, for example that carriers will delay walking. Dr. Baraka confirmed that there is medical evidence which confirms that when we carry and touch our babies this may even speed the process of walking.

Rostand Buleli is a Happy Baby ambassador father, a member of our pilot couples group who had received the carriers. He talked about the benefits of using HB carriers in his family.

Before the end of the launching ceremony, tailors received their official certificates, which reassured the community that the locally made carriers are going to be available soon.

To bless the project the Pastor called upon all religious leaders to come together and prayed with all participants thanking God for this wonderful project, prayed for more wisdom and more resources to every person involved in this project and asked for God’s protection and make all his work in this project a success. Amen.