Ghana: Thursday, October 19th: Visit to the village Pebi

Today, Happy Baby’s Camilla is visiting Pebi, a marginalized, rural community on the coast. 

About 100 kilometers west of Ghana’s capital city of Accra, the village Pebi has no water, electricity or transport roads. Complicating the lives of these est. 600 Pebi residents even further is the fact  that they relocated over the last 30 years from the Volta region to their current location. Members of the Ewe tribe, they speak an entirely different language than that of the neighboring communities who all speak the regional language of Fanta. As a result, most residents of Pebi have had no access to education and are illiterate. There are NGOs working in the region to help provide schooling, and solar power for the village residents.

Most people in Pebi do not have any income. They live from farming and fishing. The village is built from palm leaves. It has always been the vision behind Happy Baby that the project should benefit the poorest families in the world. This is what has brought us to Pebi, to present and discuss the Happy Baby project with the community.

Village house made from palm fronds

Village fisherman hauling fishing nets.

Village women doing chores on the beach in Pebi.

View of the village.