Thursday, October 19: Village School, Pebi, Ghana

Travelling with our partner organization 100% to the Children, Happy Baby’s Camilla made a visit to the Footprint Child Development Centre (FCDC) – a mix of a daycare institution and a part time school in Pebi.

There are about 100 families, which have settled in this area within the last 30 years. Pebi is marginalized in terms of location, absence of infrastructure ( lack of accessible electricity, water and transport roads). They also have language barriers; most residents in Pebi have no education and are illiterate.

It is estimated, that there are about 250 children, who have the appropriate age to attend school in Pebi. Out of these children, about 100 are part of the FCDC program. The FCDC program has a kindergarten and classes from 1-4 grade. There are currently 3 teachers in the program, who work closely with volunteers and students from Denmark.

The school also has a feeding program, which is supported by 100% to the Children. The children receive one nutritious meal a day.  This has had a significant impact on the children’s ability to learn. Previously, many of the children had difficulties concentrating because they were hungry.

Pebi Village School

100 children attend the Pebi Village school

Happy Pebi children

The village kitchen, where one meal is cooked every day for more than a 100 children.

Washing station to teach the importance of hand washing before meals.