Wednesday, October 25: Visit to the Tamale Regional Hospital

Happy Baby supports the sustainable development goals defined by the UN.  Especially Goal #1: No Poverty, Goal #3: Good Health and Well Being, Goal #5: Gender Equality and Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production that are directly related to the Happy Baby project.

Therefore, it is important for us to visit health facilities, clinics and hospitals in the rural areas, as they are important influencers in promoting the bonding benefits of baby carrying to the rural families.  

Health staff at the child nutrition department of the hospital studied our educational material on the bonding benefits of baby carrying.  They were interested in the fact that caring your baby close to your heart can enhance and facilitate milk production.


Baby Friendly Initiative = the promotion of Breastfeeding at the Tamale Regional Hospital.

Breastfeeding over the use of bottles and formula is promoted at the Regional Hospital.

Breastfeeding is ideal even when the mother or child is sick.

Hospital child nutrition staff reviews the Happy Baby Bonding Benefits.