Update: Happy Baby Beni, DRC: Training additional tailors

Another remarkable update from our newest project in the Congo is the recruitment of five new tailors. The new tailors are being taught to make the Happy Baby Carrier by our professionally trained tailors who learned from Josephine in August. The entire month of September was about beginning production and training the new team. This has increased the number of our available local tailors from 6 to 11. Having more tailors is better and makes the work faster as all of them are not always present at the stitchery because of other work they do in the community for their living. Those who are already established tailors in the area are able to continue their work for other clients while still contributing to the production of carriers, and the new tailors are increasing their skill set!

Soki, our HB tailor at la Charité stitchery center in Beni.