a table display of colorful babywearing carriers in African prints, and some in yellow bags

Babywearing Focus Group: Monday, March 26, 2018

Babywearing Focus Group: Ha’ikū, Hawai’i

A group of mothers and children gather around the perimeter of a room with wood flooring and white walls to talk about babywearing

Participants gather to learn about our project

Thanks to the suggestion of Happy Baby founder Robert Frost, we gathered a focus group of babywearing  attachment parents in Maui. The event was hosted by Kate Griffiths, publisher of the Maui Mama magazine, and our Maui team member Lauryn. As a result, fourteen mothers, one father and fifteen children came together to share suggestions. Some of the ideas proposed by the group:

  • A social media campaign to show the improved neck support provided by our carriers
  • Focus on statistics about the percentage of rural users that can/cannot afford a carrier
  • A  series of graphics which compare the low cost of a HB carrier to an everyday item in the western world
  • A Hawaii project for local awareness and participation in our babywearing project
  • Contact Population Media Center, Vermont
  • Reach out to Celebrity based non-profits such as Baby2Baby (Jessica Alba) or Alliance of Moms
  • Connect with Instagram social media influencers (local and beyond)
  • Research the Heffer Project
  • Launch a Mother’s Day Campaign to give the gift of a carrier to a babywearing family in need
  • Create powerful short, 30 sec stories from new or existing media

Test families:

a woman wearing jeans, sitting on a wood floor raises her hand to speak about babywearing, behind her women are sitting in chairs and standing looking to their right at a subject out of view

Maui mothers volunteer to test carriers

In addition to promotional ideas, we also needed families willing to test our carriers. As a result, we were able to send three families home with two carriers each. We asked these test families to compare a classic Happy Baby carrier with a newly modified model. One of our goals this year is to simplify the carrier design, to lower both production time and material cost. We plan to follow up with these families in two weeks to get detailed feedback on their experiences.

The event was a success and we look forward to hosting more events in the future! Mahalo to all participants and most especially to Kate Griffiths & The Maui Mama.