HB Project Leader Josephine sits behind a desk in the CHIABS office

CHIABS: Happy Baby’s Ugandan Partner

Meeting at the CHIABS office

On Monday July 2, our Happy Baby team met with our partner in Uganda- CHIABS. CHIABS stands for Children in Africa Breastfeeding Support. It is run by our amazingly driven and talented project leader Josephine NalugoThe CHIABS board was represented by administrator Joanita Nakitto.

HB project leader Josephine Nalugo sits behind her desk in the CHIABS office

HB project leader Josephine Nalugo sits behind her desk in the CHIABS office

CHIABS main activities are:

1) Raising awareness on breastfeeding, attachment parenting and babywearing. They also work with special needs children.

2) Ensuring food security in the rural communities through the establishment of kitchen-gardens..

3) School feeding programs.

4) Income generating activities for low income families through the sale of locally produced goods.

Their current reach is 1000 people in total and 200 people per year. CHIABS is also partners with the Ministry of Health, the International Breastfeeding network and a number of NGOs. The CBO (community-based organization) is run by an elected board.  

After an introduction to the CHIABS organization, our discussion focused on the partnership between HB global and CHIABS.  Our alliance has been evolving from a loosely formulated grass-root project to a more formal union. As a result we are looking forward to more communication and structure. We welcome a shift towards capacity building and all agree that this was a successful meeting. Consequently, we are looking forward a strengthened partnership to move Happy Baby forward as a team.