More Happy Baby user feedback from the Palmer’s project

On the afternoon of July 3rd, our team met some Happy Baby Carrier recipients from the Palmer’s project.

LETICIA NAMWASA, Mother 34 years old  

Through the Palmers project, we were able to give Leticia a free carrier. Leticia is married with two children and one baby.Everyday she leaves her house at 7AM to work in the farm. She uses the Happy Baby carrier when she is farming. She likes that she does not feel the weight of her baby when she carries wood on her head.

JANE NALWEYISO, Grandmother 50 years old

Jane also received a carrier for free as a result of the Palmers project. She has 8 children and 2 grandchildren. She works for a catering company and brings her infant granddaughter to work with her because her daughter cannot. Jane’s co-workers and customers are impressed with her mobility, as the baby rides along in the carrier. When she started using the carrier, she stopped experiencing chest pains from traditional carrying.

*A special thanks goes to PALMER’S MIDDLE EAST who supported the production and distribution of these carriers. Their recent sponsorship allowed the production of 500 Happy Baby Carriers. We distributed the donated carriers in Ghana and Uganda.