Millions of new mothers and fathers will carry their babies in comfort and security. As a result, babies will bond more effectively with their parents. Men will become more involved. Society will live more in harmony together.Robert Frost

The Happy Baby organization was initiated by founder Robert Frost’s desire to facilitate the bonding process by designing and producing a comfortable, secure and easily made carrier that will be made available to every family around the world.

Happy Baby is based in Denmark and is run by the following board:
Dr. Robert Frost, Chairman
Prof. emer. & President emir.

During his career as a university professor, Dr. Frost has been engaged in a range of international cross-cultural student exchange programs across the globe. Upon his retirement, he was involved in a leadership capacity in the building of one the world’s largest commercial baby carrier companies. The company was successfully sold to a private equity firm in 2010.

Karin Frost,
Founder of Ergobaby

In January 2003, Karin launched Ergobaby Carrier, LLC after designing a carrier for she and her son. During her pregnancy she read the book, The Continuum Concept by Jean Leidloff that set her on the path of attachment parenting. The Ergobaby carrier revolutionized the way parents interacted with their babies, and paved the way for many other soft-structured baby carriers to enter the market.

Cansu Akarsu,
HB Advisor & Lead Designer

Loving the flexibility of working in new contexts and settings, Cansu has spent her past five years studying bachelor design degree in Turkey, the Netherlands, and South Korea with a graduation in 2012, while she has worked in Denmark at Designit, India and Uganda for short periods. She has been an active member of the open source innovation platform OpenIDEO with two winning concepts; besides, she was awarded by INDEX: Design to Improve Life and UNICEF with previous school projects.

Russell Chalk,
HB Legal Advisor

Russell is a licensed attorney living in Austin, Texas. He served as the General Counsel for The ERGO Baby Carrier from it’s first days until 2013. While working with ErgoBaby, Russell was responsible for intellectual property protections, international manufacturing and sales contracts, risk management and corporate structure. When discussing his work at ErgoBaby, he always says: “We created an incredibly successful company by making the world better for babies and their caregivers… how fortunate we are.” As a long time friend and advisor to the Frost family, he was asked to join the Happy Baby Board to assist in its mission and happily accepted the challenge, and strongly supports the Happy Baby goals and values. Russell’s clients include a wide variety of businesses; both for profit and non-profit. His interests and hobbies include music, travel, various sports and sharing time and experiences with new and old friends.

The international secretariat
Lauryn Rego

Lauryn Rego is a multimedia communications specialist who works with the Happy Baby International team, to share our story and vision with everyone from our Project Leaders to beyond. Lauryn passionately believes in the philosophies of the organization, and the benefits of attachment parenting and family bonding, as the babywearing mother to her own “happy baby”.

Project leaders
Josephine Nalugo,
HB project leader in Uganda

Josephine is the mother of 3 breastfed and worn children with over 10 years’ experience
in community development work. Josephine has worked with Happy Baby since 2012, as a researcher, Pilot partner and Manager in Uganda responsible for the project management of Happy Baby activities. Josephine holds a Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences – (major) in Sociology. She is a passionate educator in breast feeding and baby wearing – and member of the International Lactation Consultant Association (ILCA) and the International Baby Food Action Network Uganda (IBFAN)

Noé Kasali,
HB project leader in Congo

Noé holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from Wheaton College USA. After receiving his degree in 2014, Noe decided to return to his Country of origin, The Democratic Republic of Congo, where he founded the Bethesda Counseling Center. The center is a unique place in his local community that is dedicated to serve children, adults and families dealing with trauma and grief. In addition to that, Noé conducts various trainings for community leaders in the area of forgiveness, trauma and self-care. Noé is also a staff at Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo, Christian Bilingual University of Congo one of the well-known Christian Universities in his Country where he teaches counseling classes and leads group of emotionally focused therapy on campus. Noé and his wife Bethany have two girls and they live in the city of Beni, located in the Province of North Kivu. Noé has worked with Happy Baby since 2016.