Bangladesh was picked as project site, based on the recommendations of Dr. Malin Bogren, who has implemented a prenatal health United Nations program in Bangladesh related to midwifery services. Upon learning of the Happy Baby project through meetings with Robert Frost & Henrik Norholt, she urged the project to be given to a proven reliable and competent assistant of hers, Mr. Noor Islam Pappu, who also had the advantage of coming from the community we were seeking to address.

In collaboration with Mr. Noor Islam Pappu it was decided to launch the Happy Baby pilot project in the urban slums of the capital city Dhaka – to introduce the Happy Baby carrier and provide education on the health benefits of baby bonding to the selected communities.

This was a unique initiative in a Bangladeshi context. In Bangladesh, they do not have the same baby caring culture, as we know from Africa. Many babies are cared for by the grandparents, when the parents go to work. Baby carriers are not a popular tool for carrying infants. They are used very little by the broader population and are considered a luxury product for the rich urban community. The positive health effects of bonding between parent and child is an awareness that many people do not have.

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