Knowledge spreading on baby carrying benefits is an essential part of Happy Baby implementation in communities. In order to create local ownership and understanding of these, Happy Baby partners with role model families, key opinion leaders, elders, clinics, village health workers and other groups, who help disseminate information to families. Early adopters of Happy Baby are usually mothers, so in many communities, we organize educational meetings dedicated to fathers, in order to let them share their perspectives and get positive influence from role model fathers.

So what are the benefits of Happy Baby carrying? We simplified the benefits into 5 headlines and memorable icons to make it easy to understand and remember. These are put together in visual posters with role model families and translated into local languages.


Strengthens the attachment between you and your baby, resulting in the growth of an empathetic and secure child. Creates a harmonious and joyful interaction between you and your baby, helping the development of socio- emotional skills.


Helps you breastfeed comfortably on the go, so you can keep giving your baby the best nutrition and protection from illnesses and diseases.


Enables fathers to participate actively in early care giving which strengthens your marriage/relationship and expands your baby’s exposure to male caregiving patterns, resulting in a more optimum development.


Enables hands-free care giving of your baby, giving you the freedom to enjoy a joyful and active maternity leave and to contribute to your family’s well-being.


Allows you to carry your newborn baby in the front position and later gives the choice to carry your baby in the front or on the back safely