Carrying a baby from birth and having skin- to-skin contact is the most effective method of having a healthy attachment between parents and babies; and it is fundamental to the development of a secure and happy baby. Happy Baby is a non profit project aiming to facilitate the bonding process by designing an affordable ergonomic baby carrier, which is embraced by both mothers and fathers, which is easily produced in low-income communities and which creates a viral improvement in traditional baby carrying methods.

Happy baby advantages over traditional baby carrying methods

  • Distributes the weight evenly on the hips and shoulders of the wearer
  • Fits ergonomic specifications of baby carrying: supports a baby´s spine and hips with fabric from knee to knee, having him/her facing the wearer at all times
  • Can be used to carry babies starting from birth until toddler years (0-4 months in the front, after 4 months in the front and on the back)
  • Front position allows breastfeeding
  • Can be put on with simple steps, tightened with a single movement and adjusted to suit people of different sizes
  • Can be easily replicable in remote villages using manual sewing machines
  • Developed with constant user feedback the overall design fits the preferences of both mothers and fathers in developing countries
NEW BORNS – o—4 months